Chaos Woods

Out of Chaos Woods comes curiosities! 
Original wooden art creations by Austin, Texas artists Terry Snow & Sarah Snow.


Collectable toys in our collection

Collectable toys in our collection

The cutest kiddo test driving all of the Chaos Woods wooden cork cars!

Painted and wood burnt gangster style hotrod with skull wheels.

Terry, in particular, has collected D.C. and Marvel toys and comics throughout his youth. For both of us, an admiration for art toys, created by independent artists and designers, has been a passion.

Our origins started with a desire to make toys. Not just any toys though, we wanted to make ones that would be cherished.

As time went on, many of these creations turned into sculptures that you probably wouldn't want to touch too much.

Too cute natural Poplar wood with wood burnt details, rolling teddy bear in argyle sweater.

Some of our toys were commissioned customs. Just give us a theme, color, or specific challenge and we can make something that will last forever.

Special commission for a serious one year old Chicago Cubs fan!

Just because we've been giving wood lathe a lot of love, doesn't mean we didn't make a few robots!

Commission to make a Danny and the Dinosaur rocking horse.

Making of the rocking dinosaur requires a lot of clamps.

Wooden rocking dinosaur, just needs paint.

That's a one of a kind heirloom gift if I ever saw one!

Custom inscriptions make these toys a super special gift.

Look at the darling little spinning top go! Ballerina shapes turned on the lathe with flying arms attached by small eyelet screws. Each one has tiny hand painted features.

Our wooden toys got pretty weird this holiday season with aliens, Howard the Ducks, all colors of the Lantern Core, Batman and more!

Push toy dinos! We started off making pull toys and robots and these cute little dinosaur monsters!

Sasquatches got kind of crazy too after a while -- zombies, Star Trek and Santa!


We use recycled champagne and liquor corks to make cork cars. Lately the creations have verged on miniature art and not quite for the kids. In case you don't recognize him right away this one is Andy Warhol riding a Campbell's soup can.

Sculpture toy of disc Jokey and star of American Graffiti, Wolfman Jack.

Sculpture toy of disc Jokey and star of American Graffiti, Wolfman Jack.

Another one that's probably not for the kids, this very special homage to pop rock-n-roll God Prince!

Mothzilla! Another one that we might need to put into the sculpture section of our site and not let the kiddos play with.