Chaos Woods

Out of Chaos Woods comes curiosities! 
Original wooden art creations by Austin, Texas artists Terry Snow & Sarah Snow.

Pyrography, Pyrogravure, Wood Burning, Pokerwork

Originally, we bought a cheap wood burner just to sign the toys we made and then add some detail but Sarah has really enjoyed expanding this skill! Today, Sarah has a professional grade, dual pen multi-temperature system with numerous tips and uses it to add intricate original art detail to our pieces. Including inscriptions on our celebration drink ware.

We’ve recently had an amazing opportunity to create art live during Bulleit Bourbon's Frontier Works, in Austin, Texas!

Proud to have illustrated some of our favorite aspects of this great city, pyrographic drawing live, during the event, on this 8 foot table top. The table will tour with the party and end up on display at the Kentucky distillery.

The owl eyes and nose in the grain of the wood were really prominent in this one.

On the side of the bowl, Sarah wood burnt wings.

We scored this beautiful piece of splated Cottonwood log from the neighborhood and Terry discovered, as he turned it on the lathe, that it had an owl's face in the woodgrain. To accentuate the theme Sarah wood burnt some owl wings on the sides.

Wolf and Hare in the Moonlight is a hand carved box with intricate pyrographic drawn details.

Hand carved Poplar wood box with felt lining showing stars on the underside of the lid.

The lid of the box has a two headed wolf with phases of the moon.

Around the sides of the box are five legged, two tailed and three eyed rabbits.

Skeleton banshee mermaid on a bar tap handle.

Edgar Allen Poe portrait with raven and a human heart offering in a handmade frame.

Custom for my sister, portrait of her dogs and one of her chickens on a trip to Japan.

Custom for my sister, portrait of her dogs and one of her chickens on a trip to Japan.

Sarah was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s silhouette. It seemed a perfect shape to decorate the outside of our celebration drinkware!

Similarly, she was also inspired to put a whale on the side and found inspiration in Douglas Adams’, Hitchhikers’s Guide to the Galaxy and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

"Thumb Ride to Heaven" started off as a study for the owl wings for the above bowl.

"Thoughts of Home" - pyrography on Poplar plank mounted on handmade paper.

Really enjoying the owl wings theme with the addition of Egyptian hieroglyphics as the inspiration we created "Owl and the Egyptian."

Page from the Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration showing Eygyptian religious symbols.

Terry handmade the perfect Walnut wood frame with brass nails for this pyrography wood burning.

This photo of Sarah's grandmother kissing a stuffed bear was the inspiration for "Trip to Alaska".

Grandma Mary Beth Murphy in Alaska in the 1970's.

In the wood burning the woman and the bear kiss over the bar with a martini and a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can.

These days most of our items have some wood burnt details, especially our drink ware, but also toys, sculptures, and carvings.

Two things Terry and Sarah Snow have in common with the vikings: They love woodworking and festive libations.  Terry turned these hefty walnut goblets on the wood lathe and Sarah embellished them with a beautiful Valkyrie along with several other common characters in Norse mythology, the raven, wolf and ouroboros, plus the Old Norse word for mead. Drink from this goblet and feel the power of the Gods.  

This Walnut wood goblet will bring out your inner Viking! Wood burnt pyrography of a winged helmet on a skull, dragon ouroboros and even Thor's hammer on the back.

Poplar wood shot glass set, wood burnt with decorations representing the bars in the movie, Barfly, based the life of poet Charles Bukowski.

Remember the scene when Fay Dunaway steals the corn or when Mickey Rourke says a toast 'To All my friends!'

Odin's Hat on Mahogany with a dash of white acrylic paint.