Terry and Sarah Snow

Chaos Woods is husband and wife artist team, Terry Snow and Sarah Snow. We collaborate to make wooden sculpture, turned vessels and bowls, boxes, wood burnings, toys, and unique home furnishings, including lamps.

Contact us today for custom or themed wooden crafts or repairs at chaoswoodsatx@gmail.com.

Contact us directly for purchases or browse our Esty store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/chaoswoods.
In Austin, check out our products at Art for the People Gallery Store. In Georgetown, Texas at the Georgetown Art Center shop.

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Laguna Revo 1836 wood turning lathe

Laguna Revo 1836 wood turning lathe

One of our prize shop additions is the Laguna Revo 1836 wood turning lathe. With this beaut, we're able to turn amazing vessels and round objects. 

Some of our toy collection

Some of our toy collection

We live in Austin, Texas surrounded by the "Keep Austin Weird" philosophy of musicians, artists and weirdos. We care about the environment we live in and want to make a positive contribution. Working with our hands and our imaginations we have a lot of fun. Our inventions are inspired by a lot of things including a love of unique toys, fine art, traditional crafts, surrealism, the absurd and comic books. 

Our Signature

All our pieces are signed with the Chaos Woods mark. It's a simplified chaos star with a c and a w. It is also referenced in our android bear logo.

Our Logo

Our logo was designed with the help of Misa Yamamoto.

Wood Grain Background

We're using a wood grain background for several of our posters and graphics designed by German Popsicle.

Our process

We come up with an idea and sometimes brainstorm about it. Then one of us will usually draw a sketch. After that we might just go for it or we'll make a prototype out of scraps in the shop. Frequently, we make jigs and stencils to make production faster but each piece has details making it unique.

Learn more from our Annie's Artist Lookbook post and Creative Whimsy interview article.

About the Materials We Use

We care about the environment and want to make a positive contribution. We look for material we can recycle and purchase recycled whenever possible. We’re even learning to dry and season our own wood from fallen trees. The majority of the wood we buy is U.S.A. poplar. Because poplar is so easy and quick to grow, it’s said to be unrivaled in its environmental & forest sustainability. We may use general woodworking and durable polyurethane finishes on our lamps and other furniture but our toys are colored with acrylic paint, certified by ACMI to be non-toxic, food coloring  or homemade fruit and vegetable dyes. 

About Age Appropriateness of Our Toys

Supervise your children during playtime with all toys.

Not all children develop at the same rate. You know your child best so use your good judgement when deciding what toys she or he is mature enough to play with safely.

These recommendations are based on online research, competitive analysis and mostly what our friends say. 

Pull toys with teethers and push toys can be introduced as soon as baby's old enough to hold up his or her own head but are ideal for kiddos around 9 months to adult. The teethers we make are un-treated and double sanded. They're also designed to be too big to choke on and the pull toy ropes are at least as short as the industry recommended length. 

Rubber band gun toys and other toys that propel objects are probably best for those 6 years and up. Some of our tank robots come without triggers and are great for kids as young as 4 years old.

Small cork cars are safe except if the wheels break loose. Stay particularly cautious with children 3 years and under.

Our small tops are not recommended for those children under 4 years old.

Now, for something exceptionally cute!

Our fur babies, Dahlia, Fezzik and Burly

Our fur babies, Dahlia, Fezzik and Burly