Chaos Woods

Out of Chaos Woods comes curiosities! 
Wooden art creations by Austin, Texas artists Terry Snow & Sarah Snow.


We’re celebrating our 5th year in business by bringing some of our favorite artist and musician friends together for a very special event and exhibition at Leona Gallery, 1-5pm on August 25, 2019.

Recent art creations, openings, markets and other adventures

We've just completed an amazing adventure for Bulleit Bourbon's Frontier Works, in Austin, Texas!

Proud to have illustrated some of our favorite aspects of this great city, pyrographic drawing live, during the event, on this 8 foot table top. The table will tour with the party and end up on display at the Kentucky distillery.

The most amazing thing happened immediately after completing this Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s to the Galaxy homage wood burnt goblet we learned our number for the EAST Austin Studio Tour would be #42!

Spalted explosion inside of the bowl looks like marble.

Terry sculpted a comforting shape everyone wants to pick up but are so surprised by the lightness of the wood.

Sarah picked up this chunk of Chinese Tallow tree during big brush collection day in Austin last year. The spalting, which is a wood coloration caused by fungi, turned out to be unreal! Below photos show the above piece still on the lathe.

Turning on the wood lathe requires sharp tools to remove excess material from the wood. It's important to carefully plan the final shape for the vessel.

Terry recognized the natural beauty of the log and was careful to keep the live edge, or natural edge, of the wood in the design of the piece.

Spindles, cups and bowls in progress!

Padauk wood is a very vibrant orange turning everything in the shop a bright orange, including Terry!

At one point, the chunk of Cherry wood is turned between centers on the lathe.

We scored this nice splated Cottonwood log with an owl's face in the wood grain.

We love to find locally sourced logs in Austin, Texas and see what interesting bowls can be turned out of it on the lathe!

On the side of the bowl, Sarah wood burnt wings.

"Thumb Ride to Heaven" started off as a study for the owl wings for the above bowl.

"Thoughts of Home" - pyrography on Poplar plank mounted on handmade paper.

Still really enjoying the owl wings theme with the addition of Egyptian hieroglyphics as the inspiration we created "Owl and the Egyptian."

Page from the Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration showing Eygyptian religious symbols.

Terry handmade the perfect Walnut wood frame with brass nails for this pyrography wood burning.

This photo of Sarah's grandmother kissing a stuffed bear was the inspiration for "Trip to Alaska".

Grandma Mary Beth Murphy in Alaska in the 1970's.

In the wood burning the woman and the bear kiss over the bar with a martini and a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can.

A local Austin musician and electrician built this guitar amplifier head and commissioned Chaos Woods to make a very unique one-of-a-kind box to carry it in.

Purple dye stained wood top dove tail joined with natural Soft Maple wood sides.

Sarah used the wood burner to inscribe the labels for the knobs.

Here's a series of products for your drinking buddies! 

Beer taps for your kegs, Barfly, the movie, themed one-of-a-kind wood burnt shot glasses, Norse Viking mead mug and wine glasses!

This Walnut wood goblet will bring out your inner Viking! Wood burnt pyrography of a winged helmet on a skull, dragon ouroboros and even Thor's hammer on the back.

These two Sapele wood wine goblets are the same! The one on the right just hasn't had a finish applied yet. A little natural oil to lubricate the wood goes a long way!

This wine goblet started off to be solid Padauk wood but when it flew off the lathe and broke it had to be fixed. The replacement stem is made of Bocote wood.

Poplar wood shot glass set, wood burnt with decorations representing the bars in the movie, Barfly, based the life of poet Charles Bukowski.

Remember the scene when Fay Dunaway steals the corn or when Mickey Rourke says a toast 'To All my friends!'

Beer taps made of Hard Maple wood. Including a chalkboard painted area for labeling the type of beer or wine currently in the keg.

Setting up our art booth for the Wimberley Arts Fest!

Scored a nice corner space on the courthouse square for Lockhart's Cowtown Sip, Stroll & Art Walk.

We continue to make many wonderful toys, too!

Look at the darling little spinning top go! Ballerina shapes turned on the lathe with flying arms attached by small eyelet screws. Each one has tiny hand painted features.

Skeleton Hot Rod!

Vampire dino pull toy with bat, coffin, cob webs and even Prince's "Love Symbol". Aptly named, by its owner, "Christopher Von Tracy"

Girrafe cork car made with whisky cork wheels.