Chaos Woods

Out of Chaos Woods comes curiosities! 
Wooden art creations by Austin, Texas artists Terry Snow & Sarah Snow.

Snapshots of some of our favorite creations, art openings, markets and other adventures, Spring2017

One of a kind Roky Erickson tribute. Unique Cottonwood vessel wood burnt with lyrics "If you have ghosts then you have everything". 

Check out the alien spaceship vessel, turned on the lathe and made of Mahogany and Poplar.

Rocky Erickson vessel says King Baby on the inside and is coated with food safe epoxy.

Three unique bowls with decorative finial in the center. 

Commissioned set of wine glasses made of Cherry and wood burnt insignia. The inside is coated with food grade epoxy.  

Chaos Woods loves turning! We're making vessels for storing jewelry, candy and anything else you desire made out of unique woods, many of them locally sourced!

Decorative art vessel

Local Cottonwood  with Mahogany lid.

small decorative art vessel with Tiger wood lid


live edge

locally sourced

candy dish!


We had a really successful E.A.S.T tour with lots of amazing visitors. Plus, we even got some press coverage from Jeanne Claire van Ryzin in the Austin American Statesman! 

If you weren't able to stop by, check out the video for a quick walk through.

We also had an amazing time with all our spooky art at Leona Gallery for the Jinx art show in October.

Painting sessions with friends helping us get ready for the busy holiday season are too much fun!

Terry made us a camper shell so we can transport our wooden creations safely!

We set up out in Bastrop, Texas for Harvest Fest and had so much fun!

Here we are snug in our set up at the East Austin Handmade Yule Bazaar.

Commission to make a Danny and the Dinosaur rocking horse.

Making of the rocking dinosaur requires a lot of clamps.

Wooden rocking dinosaur, just needs paint.

That's a one of a kind heirloom gift if I ever saw one!

Our wooden toys got pretty weird this holiday season with aliens, Howard the Ducks, all colors of the Lantern Core, Batman and more!

Sasquatches got kind of crazy too after a while -- zombies, Star Trek and Santa!

Special commission for a serious one year old Chicago Cubs fan!

Just because we've been giving  wood lathe a lot of love, doesn't mean we didn't make a few robots!

We're seasoning some recently cut logs of Holley and Chinese Tallow. Eventually we'll give them a spin on the lathe.

More to come! These beauties are in progress and coming soon!