Chaos Woods

Out of Chaos Woods comes curiosities. Wooden art creations by Austin, Texas artists Terry Snow & Sarah Snow.

Creations, art openings, markets and other adventures

Leguna Revo 1836 Wood Turning Lathe

Leguna Revo 1836 Wood Turning Lathe

Just what we needed! A second lathe! The latest edition to our shop is this beautiful wood turning lathe! Stop by during EAST to see it in action.

This is Death Crusher. He's made of hand painted poplar and oiled mahogany. Shooting cannons, rubber band gun, rotating turret and moving tank tracks. Much more than your everyday toy!

Death Crusher is adorned with lots of detail. Including a small wood burnt Kilroy.

Movable hinged tail... is he organic or machine?

A little bit of the things that nightmares are made of.

The Frankenstein's are here to destroy in the form of rubber band shooting tank robots.

Chaos Woods tank robots are designed to be detachable. Making them more fun to play with and configurable.

Painted and wood burnt lightning and cobweb details.

Now for something cute! Holiday themed push dino toys. Pumpkin and Santa hanging with Baby Blue.

Little wooden cork cars, ducks and Frankenstein's for Halloween. Made with recycled corks.

Another wedding present -- Two mahogany vessels, wood burnt inscription of wedding day details.

Baby Van Feather's has arrived! In celebration, for the baby shower, we've created this cute little purple pull dino with feather's wood burnt on the teether handle.

New wood burner made nice work of these feathers!

Cottonwood turned vessel with mahogany cap

Small Cottonwood turned vessel with pointy lid handle topper made of mahogany. Finished with unbleached bees wax and food grade mineral oil.

Here's a quick in-progress piece, a wedding present made of mahogany and pine put together with heart shaped dove tails. Wood burnt to match the wedding invitation details.

Wedding present box modeled after invitation. Built with heart shaped dovetail joints and wood burnt details.

Mahogany and pine, woodburnt wedding present box.

Dia de Los Muertos wood burnt skulls adorn each side of the box.

Commission for a preacher's pulpit

Side view of the pine pulpit